We Are Back!

Okay, so we have an episode that I will (finally) edit and post this weekend. We recorded it last weekend and I have the files to edit but have not done so. I have been so out of sorts with my crappy job that I simply cannot, CANNOT, look at a computer when I get home. That said, I apologize for the delay. I will do better this coming week to get the next episode posted sooner rather than later.

Summer Break?

Summer break? Sure, fuck it, SUMMER BREAK! The planet is cooking to death. Karens are having their septic moment. Murphy is progressing in his cyborg metamorphosis. Our Twitter is deeply under used. Decaf is hosting underground house parties. I am enrobed in apathy and rage. We’re taking a couple of weeks off to recharge. But, keep an eye on the site because we may be playing some more games on the Twitch Stream. Cause, why not, what else is there to do on this lousy 2020 summer break?

Return of the Site

You knew that I could not leave the site well enough alone. I realized that we needed a hub for all that we are doing. So, it’s time to bring the site back. Don’t worry the podcast is still hosted at Anchor.fm, and the Twitch Stream isn’t going anywhere either. But, that said, the site is as it always has been a work in progress. Don’t blow a gasket if the look of the site changes as I try to find the right look and feel.